We have established a comprehensive school system comprising two undergraduate programs, a master’s program, a PhD program, and an in-service master’s program. We have approximately 560 students and 19 full-time teachers. The teachers’ specialties include financial accounting, management accounting, auditing, corporate governance and risk management, and tax accounting. In addition to having outstanding performances in their teaching and research, many teachers of our department serve as critical posts outside the university, such as being the Chairperson of the Accounting Research and Development Foundation, the President of the Taiwan Accounting Association, board members of the Auditing Standards Board, and members of the board of supervisors of the Central Bank of the Republic of China.

    In response to the digitalization trend, the course design of this department centers on accounting and incorporates technology. Artificial intelligence is used throughout all core courses to cultivate in students the ability to utilize information technology to resolve business and accounting problems and participate in management decisions. We also train students to develop professional knowledge and skills in the fields of accounting, commercial law management, and data analysis. Moreover, our department cooperates with the four major accounting firms in Taiwan to offer featured courses such as “Accounting Firm Internship,” “ Yuanyang Internship,” and “Seminar on Forensic Accounting” to reinforce students’ practical abilities. Our department also co-host the Forensic Accounting Summit with the CPA Associations R.O.C. (Taiwan) and co-host the National College Computer Auditing Case Competition with the Computer Audit Association to strengthen students’ ability to use auditing tools, enhance their independent thinking and problem-solving capabilities, and cultivate professional talents in fraud detection and forensic accounting, thereby consolidating the integration of academic theories and practice. We also host international conferences to build platforms for both teachers and students to participate in international affairs, expand their international visions, increase international mobilities, cultivate communication literacy, and deepen research capacity.

    With a strong and diversified team of teaching faculty, innovative courses, and outstanding students, our department has been listed as a key school for talent recruitment by international accounting firms and local listed and OTC companies. Furthermore, alumni from our department generously sponsor us in teaching and research development, allowing us to promote our outstanding accounting programs, enabling our students to enjoy a comprehensive career experience and planning, facilitating their development in the industry after graduation. We believe that our department will continue to be the leader in accounting education.