Full-Time Faculty


  Currently the Department has sixteen full-time professors as well as nearly twenty experienced adjunct professors from academia, business and government. Our accounting professors hold advanced degrees in accounting, taxation, and economics. They provide a supportive educational environment and interact closely with the students. Not only are they distinguished in knowledge creation, but also they excel in knowledge transmission. The classrooms are enriched with their experiences in academic research as well as services and consulting in business and government.


Department Chair and ProfessorContact information / Research Field

Jenn-Shyong Kuo

Ph.D. (Accounting) National Taiwan University

(02)86741111 Taipei#18054 Sanxia#66672
• Tax Law and Regulations
• Government and Non-for-Profit Organization Research
• Empirical Methods in Accounting
• Performance Evaluation


ProfessorContact information / Research Field

Yi-Hsin Wang

Ph.D. (Accounting) Kentucky University

(02)86741111 Taipei#18413 Sanxia#66669
• Internal control and Internal Audit
• Corporate Governance and Risk Management
• Cost and Management Accounting
• Accounting Information System (AIS)
• Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Conrad C. Chang

Ph.D. (Accounting) University of Houston

(02)86741111 Taipei#18059 Sanxia#66676
• Accounting Information And Business Valuation 
• International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
• Hedging Theory, Practice and Accounting
• Investment IQ and EQ
• Accounting Research Method


Fujiing Shiue

Ph.D. (Accounting) George Washington University

(02)86741111 Taipei#18060 Sanxia#66685
• International Capital Market
• International Enterprise on Operations
• Corporate Governance


Chung-Huey Huang

Ph.D. (Accounting) State University of New York at Buffalo

(02)86741111 Taipei#18418 Sanxia#66684
• Capital Market Research
• Earnings Quality
• Earnings Information Transfers
• International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
• Corporate Governance


Jan-Zan Lee

Ph.D. (Accounting) National Chengchi University

(02)86741111 Taipei#18339 Sanxia#66683
• Auditing Empirical Research
• Financial Market-based Research
• Financial Statement Analysis and Business Analysis and Evaluation


Min-Jeng Shiue

Ph.D. (Accounting) National Taiwan University

(02)86741111 Taipei#18412 Sanxia#66682
• Earnings Management
• Corporate Governance
• Audit Quality


Hsuan-Lien Chu

Ph.D. (Accounting) National Taiwan University

(02)86741111 Taipei#18052 Sanxia#66674
• Cost and Managerial Accounting 
• Strategic Performance Management
• Management Accounting in Health Care Organizations


Shu-Hua Lee

Ph.D. (Accounting) National Taiwan University

(02)86741111 Taipei#18058 Sanxia#66671
• Capital market Research
• Accounting Information Quality
• Accounting Conservatism


Kuei-Hui Cheng

Ph.D. (Accounting) National Chengchi University

(02)86741111 Taipei#18056 Sanxia#66666
• Internal Control and Internal Audit
• Auditing Software Application and Analysis
• Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination
• Auditing Research


Lan-Fen Wang

M.A. (Accounting) National Chengchi University

(02)86741111 Taipei#18050 Sanxia#66678
• Corporate Governance
• Accounting Information
• Capital Market Research


Hsiao-Lun Lin

Ph.D. (Accounting) National Taiwan University

(02)86741111 Sanxia#66783
• Audit Quality 
• Audit Market 
• Behavioral Accounting Research
• Tax Planning

Associate ProfessorContact information / Research Field


Shih-Tsung Chiu

Ph.D. (Accounting) National Taiwan University

(02)86741111 Taipei#18411 Sanxia#66668
• Game Theory
• Agency Theory
• Economics
• Performance Evaluation


Weitzu Chen

Ph.D. (Accounting) National Taiwan University

(02)86741111 Taipei#18055 Sanxia#66675
• Securitization of Financial Assets
• Fair Value Accounting
• Financial Merger



Assistant ProfessorContact information / Research Field

Li-Chun Kuo

Ph.D. (Accounting) National Taiwan University

(02)86741111 Sanxia#66667
• Audit Quality
• Audit Market Concentration
• Legal Liability of CPAs
• Accountant Rotation


She-Chih Chiu

Ph.D. (Accounting) National Cheng Kung University

(02)86741111 Sanxia#67735
• Managerial Compensation
• Earnings Management
• Dividend Policy


Yuan-Tang Tsai

Ph.D. (Accounting) National Taiwan University

(02)86741111 Sanxia#67735
• Financial Accounting
• Cost and Managerial Accounting
• Auditing