Future Perspectives and Advancement


        The Department of Accountancy at NTPU is dedicated to maintaining a leadership position in accounting education and research. With the Department's tradition of excellence in accounting education in Taiwan, our main goal is to surpass our domestic competitors and to develop an international focus in the era of globalization. To achieve this end, we actively pursue the following strategies to further enhance our reputation and competitiveness. First, we will continue to effectively initiate and organize domestic and international conferences/seminars to address contemporary significant accounting-related issues and take a lead in providing the platform for policy formulation of government and business enterprises. In addition, we have been and will continue to strive for substantial international exchange programs with foreign prestigious universities. Through such intense interaction, we gain valuable insight and knowledge towards being an outstanding institution.

        Second, to construct the core competence of our department, we provide our faculty with various resources to create and disseminate knowledge through leading academic and professional journals and symposia. Among other things, we actively raise research funds from business communities and our accounting alumni to facilitate research collaboration between our faculty and foreign outstanding scholars, as well as the utilization of specific databases and software packages. Moreover, we will continue to encourage and assist our faculty to develop and maintain strong ties with professional accounting and business communities and governmental organizations. This especially enables our young faculty to cultivate their leadership potential to be substantiated in the future.

        Finally, we will strive for the innovation of accounting education. Not only will we keep close monitors on the most recent trends of accounting education, but also we will develop the appropriate accounting programs tailored to different needs of degrees. Our curriculum planning will integrate the prominent characteristics of distinguished international universities with today's dynamic and challenging business operating environment. This would comply with our mission of providing a positive value-added education that enables our students to attain their professional objectives through applied academic programs, research, and service to academic and professional organizations.

        Once again, we trust that we will continue to excel in accounting education.