As the Department has long developed and maintained close ties with the accounting and business communities, funding is available from a variety of organizations outside the University to assist students in financing their studies. Recently, our students have received funding from T.N. Song Foundation, Memorial Education Foundation of Mr. Lin Bing-Chang (the former Board Chairman of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu), Fubon Group, Rotary Club, and numerous scholarships from large, mid-sized CPA firms and local commercial banks. In addition, our Accounting Alumni Association has continuously provided strong financial support whenever possible.

        There are also other financial supports which take the form of research assistant positions with accounting faculty and are available for virtually all graduate students. Many undergraduate students are eligible for part-time administrative assistants subject to the needs of the Department. For students interested in off-campus part-time internship, we have many employers who know what our students have to offer sending job descriptions to be posted in our departmental bulletin board. Our students gain valuable working knowledge through internship programs and part-time employment.